The Secret Life of Dreams

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As the clouds of war gather over 1930s Europe, four extraordinary stories are unfolding: 

In Berlin, a journalist is overwhelmed by people who want to tell her their dreams.

In Munich, an asylum director faces an impossible decision when his funding runs out.

In Zurich, a young woman struggles to overcome the painful childhood memories that plague her.

And in Vienna, a father is amazed by the unexpected Christmas present he receives from his ten year old daughter.

What is the other world that lies buried beneath our conscious, rational one? Why do we ignore the pictures we see in our sleep? What happens to a society when it values only the things it can see, touch and put a price on?

The Secret Life of Dreams draws on a Carl Jung case study, social dreaming theories and a dark chapter in medical history. With the support of the Wellcome Trust and Arts Council England, Teasel have involved academic and clinical experts in the devising of the piece. Poignant, unsettling and surprisingly funny, the story explores the intimate tragedy of a father grieving for his daughter against the background of the murder of thousands of vulnerable people by those appointed to care for them.

The piece is currently in development. Teasel are grateful to mac Birmingham, Bristol Old Vic, The National Theatre Studio and Jacksons Lane Theatre, as well as Arts Council England and the Wellcome Trust for their support.

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